TAIKI is the epitome of excellence in Taiwanese Soft Jaws and Accessories of Power Chuck manufacturing. It has set up a Broaching Machine and CNC Machine Center which can broach and drill the best quality castings and get perfect shapes.

TAIKI has set up a new broaching machine and CNC machine center to offer unparalleled quality and perfect shapes to all customers. Started with humble beginnings in 1970s, today, TAIKI is the epitome of Taiwanese Chuck Jaws and Accessories of Power Chuck manufacturing excellence. With more than three and a half decades experience in the field, TAIKI is a customer driven organization with a reputation for high quality and precision Chuck jaws. We have various styles and sizes applied to a CNC lathe and their products suit most international popular brands. Their power chucks are especially for the Japanese brand Kitagawa.

Our company does not skimp on investing in any available way to develop efficiency, improve quality management and introduce technology upgrades. In fact, TAIKI has adopted the best and most innovative technology to enhance quality. It has recently set up a broaching machine which can broach the best quality castings and get perfect shapes fast.

"TAIKI is willing to face challenges and to move ideas forward, to invest in innovative technologies showing more flexibility to solve the questions and tasks of a fast moving future. That's what we stand for and how we benefit of our customers.

For TAIKI, quality assurance is the key motto. "We do have some competitors from both domestic and abroad but they cannot match us in quality and price, we have harnessed the best know-how and expertise in this field to live up to the highest expectations of both our customers and competitors". The Taiwan machinery tool parts industry boasts a brilliant manufacturing history. "Made in Taiwan" according to TAIKI is the most practical and the most excellent choice for its international partners.

The workholding products have show such strong growth and will keep growing to meet the demands from the machine tool part segment, we offered products on an ODM basis and also fabricates custom-made work holding products to suit the specific requirement of clients. We've been successful in developing customized designs for a number of Chuck Jaws, which TAIKI's major production " offers the best solutions for all sorts of chucking applications, including Soft Jaws in various types, serration chuck jaws , inch soft jaws aluminum soft jaws , Round Jaws , Tongue & Groove Soft Top Jaws , Hard Jaws , Jaw Boring Rings , Jaw Boring Fixtures , Jaw T-Nuts , height jaws , width jaws , length jaws and more.

Soft Top Jaws as power chucks play a critical role of providing a safe and stable method for gripping workholdings. TAIKI's Standard Type of Top Jaws is the most popular choice for turning which provides standard types from 60 to 120 degree pointed. Additionally, TAIKI Chuck Jaws can be suited for most popular brand Power Chucks including Kitagawa and many popular brands,  It also provides Extra-Height Type in a range of 70mm to 200mm height; Extra-Width Type applies to thinner, deformable and bigger covering range over 60mm; Extra-Length Type is ideal for using in parts over 250mm. Yet, the company is available to provide materials in carbon steel,aluminum or polyacetal (POM) which can be used for different workpiece. These professional looking materials in aluminum and POM get results that workpiece will not easy broken or any scrape.

Taiki always tries the best to satisfy customer's demands and promote their efficiency.Our customers are world-wide; Notherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Japan, U.S.A.Canada, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Bulgaria and Asia etc.

Providing thebest quality, varied specifications and reasonable price is Taiki's goal in business.